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safe guard products intl is a company that sells tire insurance against road hazzards they take your money but if you submit too many claims they say you are a bad driver and cancel your policy they are rip offs i took my vech to my repair shop with blown tires from nyc streets the repair shop submitted the claim and they refused to honor it and told the repair shop they was going to cancel my warranty,saying i was a reckless driver how *** are they this company is based in georgia and i'am in nyc seems they never drove in our city and to boot they banned the repair shop i service my vehicle at for filing too many claims this company should be shut down

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what happens if ur tires get slashed is that under warranty

to jonny #674518

Hey Jonny,

No, slashed tires would fall under what is called in the insurance industry and regulation biz as "hazards incident to ownership." Your insurance company would pay for that, assuming you bought the kind of coverage that would include that (comprehensive, I believe). These VSCs are ***.

They are so full of exclusions and conditions that only a small percentage of claims are likely honored.

These things are pure profit for the companies that make and sell them. Stay away from them like the plague.

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